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Armonizador pequeño de los tres ojos con ágata rosa -
Magia Natural Marca: Magia Natural

Armonizador pequeño de los tres ojos con ágata rosa

Magia Natural

Para el AMOR, con mayúsculas, el Amor universal, el que nos llena el corazoón y no está destinado a ninguna persona en concreto.

Armoniza todos los chacras, per incidiendo sobretodo en el del corazón, para abrir nuestro corazón y querernos a nosotros y a nuestro entorno.

Minerales que lo componen: ojo de halcón, ojo de buey, ojo de tigre, ágata rosa, calcedonia, amatista y cuarzo.

Medida: 22 cm.
Ref. AMNS044
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Precio: 18,15 € ( IVA Incluído )
Armonizador pequeño de los tres ojos con ágata rosa 18,15 €

Made with minerals, cotton strings and metal separators.

There are made to stabilize diferent sites.


There are usefull for cars but also for tiny rooms where you want a nice touch for the decoration.


In small locations like cars where there are diferent energies of many people and animals that can stress the driver.


With this harmonizer the dissonant energies are neutralized, stabilizing the site and help the driver to concentrate.


They also help to focus attention, more for the people who has a good link with other dimensions.


All the harmonizers are unique pieces, choosing every mineral, depending on the form, color of the string, mineral’s energy and the separation touch, wich made an unic harmonizer.


When we made it, we put all our atention and the hopes of the final owner, without knowing who will be, wich it ensure that every single harmonizer will be get by the apropiate person, either for a present of for yourselves, chose the harmonizer you want, we are sure that this one is the chosen one.


All the harmonizer are packed cleaned and without activate.


To activate it you only have to place it on his definitive site.


We recomend to clean the harmonicer one time a month on the full moon’s light.


Because the harmonizer have diferent minerals with diferent chemical composition they can change the colors if the sunlight light the minerals to much, it menas that they are not usefull anymore.


If a mineral fall, it get lost or breaks, it means that the utility of the stone is over.

Don’t worry about it, give thanks to the mineral, and if it has broken you can grave to return the stone to earth.

The other minerals can be used for other things but the harmonizers if it wasn’t complete it didn’t work.